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Great Art, Sick Fuck (Legacies Lost in Translation) by Jessica Holter

Perhaps, in the wake of public scandals regarding famous Black Men, we should consider that history
is being written here. There are lots of famous White men, who have done dastardly deeds, yet their
art still sells for millions. Yet, some of the greatest achievements in American entertainment history
have been made by men who will be remembered as rapists, pedafiles and drug addicts.
Take for example  Walter Richard sickert, whose art piece Nude before a Mirror, Fitzroy Street
has an estimated value of $80,000 or so. I know. Who is that? Jack the Ripper, that is who he was.
His art is still on the market.

Pablo Picasso is another valued member of a club of men who have twisted love/hate relationships
with women. But when they go to value his art, do they say, oh, but he cheated on his wife with a
17 year old girl, so I don’t want his art? Nope, they buy pieces like “The Mackerel”  - slang for pimp
in French, and think little of meaning or emotional origin of the art. He had a lot of women, and
more than one babymama. Most of the women were very young and impressionable. One of his
wives, remained his wife in law only as he went on to take up with other women without divorcing
her, because he didn’t want to split his assets with her in accordance with the law. Yeah, he was
a handful. Using all of his women as models for his art, while laying the pipe to them. Picasso,
like a true, “mack” spun a web so tight around one of his women, when their relationship was
over, she went into a nun-like seclusion stating ”After Picasso, Only God.”
Most people remember Elvis Presley as the king of Rock & Roll, but his Grammy awards
are for gospel renditions of “How Great Thou Art” and “He Touched Me.” History seldom reminds
you that his bride was 14 years old. Or that he died, an alcoholic,  barbiturate addict, who fell off
a toilet into a pool of his own vomit.
Perhaps instead of muting R Kelly, the “owner” of the music can donate proceeds from the sale
of R Kelly’s songs to a worthy organization working to stop child trafficking.
Perhaps you think I am just a conspiracy theorist, but today, Jesus has blonde hair and blue eyes,
when we know he's from the Middle East. Perception is reality and the WORD IS GOD.
I’m just pulling your coattail to another perspective on, not just the R Kelly scandal, but all of the
scandals that have defamed, and reduced the VALUE of the work of famous Black Men.  This is
history being made and recorded right now; Legacies lost in translation.

Jessica Holter
Ghetto Girl Blue

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On the Laps of Grown Men (and other obvious stuff we can do to fight sexual abuse)

On the Laps of Grown Men

by Jessica Holter 

the laps of grown men

the laps of grown men
squirm like worms
in an unseasonal
warm rain

Ghetto Girl Blue

I would have liked to believe that having been molested and losing my virginity to rape, is not a trauma in my life. I would like to say that I am an evolved human, bigger than my sexual assignment. I'd like to believe the sexual abuse I found in places I was too young and naive to be, were just life lessons for a girl who needed to get tough, real quick in them Oakland streets, and churches, schools, and in a foster home built on a foundation of old rugged secrets. I want to feel that it is just a part of what makes me who I am, and that it is not crippling, nor is it a crutch. I'd like to say that and mean it. 

finishing school

we nasty bitches 
ain't got no finishing school
the streets finish us

The overdue resurfacing of the R Kelly's gross multi-level mutation of BDSM Lifestyle, Fan/Celebrity Privilege and Youth Exploitation, no doubt, has all survivors haunted. I watched in awe the 6 part documentary, mouth open. Like most survivors, and, as the shock died down, I started to think about all of the sexual misconduct in my life and how it has affected me. I saw faces and dusted off memories, that had I left on the altar in an old fashioned Baptist church where my molester presided over the Deacon Board. 

But, I'm not going into all of that here. I just wanted to take this moment to talk about recognizing and addressing obvious shit when it comes to sexual impropriety is it relates to the youth of our World community.

age fifteen

at age fifteen
i was an unloaded weapon
aimed at an enemy 
i called a friend

Dang, this is so fucking real. I am so glad we are all talking about it now. No matter the side you stand on, this open communication is a fantastic way to expose people to the discussion of sexual impropriety.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. I would love to hear yours. We will be talking about this on

My Inner Views... 

1.  *CONTROL YOUR FUCKING SELF! Just because a child is, exciting you, mature, developed, fast, or wanted it, or begged for it, does not make it ok for a grown person to have sexual contact with them.

* This is very confusing and complicated because there is arousal. These mixed signals can cause all sorts of miscalculations, that may lead to regret, shame, all types of stuff, especially in the young, undeveloped mind. 

*To add insult to injury, a victim of sexual abuse may not know they are being abused because human touch can be so pleasurable.

2. Don't have drunk and high adults around your children, kicking it, spending the night, partying... when you think about it... the nastiest, freakiest, most messed up stuff most of us have done is when we were drunk of high. So, um, yeah. 

3. What's Up with Church? Perishoners must start making the churches and pastors who are paid by the community, to become more active in the eradication of sexual child abuse in the communities they profit from. There should not be a pimp in communities where there is also a MegaChurch. (Jesus is all like WTF? #Church) 

4. Little children do not need to be on the laps of grown men. Every man has an arousable penis in their lap area. Children should not be in contact with it at all, ever period. I don't care what you say.

5. Assume your child is telling the truth, when they report sexual misconduct to you. If there is innocence, it will reveal itself. 

6. Require all of our children, male and female to dress with self respect and humility. I just think we all behave better when we look nice. 

7. Fast Kid's Retraining. Be honest with yourself. You know if you have a fast or mannish child. Deal with it right away. It is never too late to show a child how loose life behavior is perceived, reacted to and reputation defining. Don't just find out your cousin is meeting grown men in hotels, and come along as the lookout. And then gossip about her.  You don't have to go on a crusade make them become something they are not, but rather, meet them where they are, no judgement and begin to educate them, and yourself about whatever it is. 

* If you know a young person who is irresponsibly sexually active, please get them to go to a clinic to prepare for it. 

8. How to recognize a Pimp 101. All children need this essential class. The World is a fucking money grubbing ghetto, and the weak and uninformed can not survive it. (Not without being medicated, anyway.) 

9. This brings me to Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. Just because it comes in a bottle, and it's from a doctor, does not make it safe. What the heck do kids need to be on antidepressants for? Because they are not getting enough exercise. That's why. Because that are eating chemicals. Or maybe, because they are being molested, abused, or grossly misunderstood. Whatever the case, hormonal changes are a natural part of growing up. Start with a balanced diet, sunshine and exercise. We all need a decent circle of friends, rewards for doing well, and healthy social activities. Seriously, children who are medicated are impaired, physically and emotionally. If your child is having mental health problems, get to the root cause if you can. (May God bless you with that too.)

10. Talk to your child about sex early. Let them know it is a natural conversation, so they will not be as secretive when they are older. 

11. Most kids are secretive. It is your parental right to snoop. Hopefully, you have strong natural intuition, and you get a strong sense when something doesn't feel right with your child.

12. Be mindful that sometimes partners feel jealous of your relationship with your child. I believe this is something to look out for. 

13. Bringing new men around your children should be handled with care and transparency. A lot of time, we talk to our children privately, or make blanket statements, like, if anyone touched you, tell me. That's cool-ish, but I am suggested an actual sit down at a table... you and your children and the new man should discuss rules of engagement and the consequences of breaking them.. 
For Example: 
1. There is to be no touching in this place, that place...
2. There are to be no meetings behind closed doors.
3. If you ever touch my child... this will happen
(Not that this will stop a real pedafile, with a real mental illness than leans in that direction, but you child will know to come to you right away, and you can nip it in the bud before there is too much damage.)

14. We take a lot for granted when new people come into our lives. To get a job you need a background check. But we will move someone in without background, credit checks, HIV test... nothing. There are literally listings of sexual offenders who live in your area. Your new boyfriend could be on it, and you don't even know.

15. Finally. If there is a molester climbing all over your family tree, that person needs to be dealt with. Do not let your molesting ass uncles, and cousins, aunties... whomever, continue to attend family functions. They gave up membership, when they violated the family trust and crossed the lines of decency required to be a member of your family.

16. We have got to let people know that we are not for sale. It is true that the love of money is the root of all evil. Too many women will tolerated the mistreatment of ourselves and our children for cash, security and dick.



Those are just some of my thoughts and ramblings. I apologize for not having better form on this. But if you made it all the way to the end, I thank you for your time and interest.

Jessica Holter
Ghetto Girl Blue

Jessica Holter talks #MeToo #RKelly and The Punany Poets with #Bossip

Repost :Jessica Holter talks #MeToo #RKelly and The Punany Poets with #Bossip

Bossip Exclusive Interview With Punany Poets Creator Jessica Holter

If you are unfamiliar with the Punany Poets then strap up (literally and figuratively) and allow us to introduce you to entrepreneur and sex enthusiast Jessica Holter.
The Punany Poets is a live theatrical show that travels throughout the USA offering intimate episodes in Sex Education Theater which are enhanced with sexual instruction, HIV/AIDS Awareness, and most exciting AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! The show is known as a Poetic Cabaret that includes elements of exotic dance, audience kissing competitions, comedy, and skits.
Freaky entertainment and education sound like your kinda party? Well, we recently got a chance to speak to Jessica and she broke down exactly what you can expect if you attend a Punany Poets show.
What do you want people to take away from their experience with the Punany Poets?
I like to know that people feel happy and enlightened when they leave a Punany show. I like to give people things to consider. Of course, the main thing I do is create awesome date nights of artistic variety and romantic therapy. But there is also a lot to learn in my show.
What do you think women need to know about sex that perhaps they have overlooked/ignored?
I think in general, women do not require true sexual satisfaction. We take strides to care for men’s feelings in a way that they do not care for ours. For example, the clitoris is the only human body part that has only one purpose, to bring pleasure to women. But many women do not require attention to it. Sure, when a relationship is over, she might attack in anger, exclaiming, “you can’t even make me orgasm.” But in the back of her mind she knows, she never really showed him how. I think women should also be more mindful of where we are in our hormonal cycle, when we communicate with others and when we make decisions.
Punany Poets have been operating for a while now, what new things can return participants expect?
We are beginning our live stream of my most popular show, The Head Doctor Show. I am excited because people can watch from home now. They don’t have to weather the cold, find parking… They can dress for bed and have the perfect date night with The Head Doctor on Saturday nights from the comfort of home. And for me, working in the studio, instead of on the road, is allowing me to bring forth new content and to present it with more style and flair than small black box theater shows allow. I have limited my popular annual Valentine’s Season shows to a few cities, including Chicago on Feb 12th, Richmond, VA on Feb 13th, and Virginia Beach on Valentine’s Day at Funny Bone Comedy Club, a budding relationship I am quite excited about. I am completing a few literary projects as well and expanding my community outreach through my non-profit to include condom distribution and sexual health summits.
Tell us one of the best/juiciest stories you’ve heard from someone who attended a show.
Oh hmmm. There was a thing with seven housewives in a strip club, that I can’t talk about because it’s in my next book. But I promise… It’s hot.
Have participants ever tried to get you in bed after coming to one of the shows?
LOL, Yes, of course.
Has anyone ever had an orgasm in the crowd during the show?
No one has ever told me that they have; not in the audience. However, last season we invited Sexologist Niki Morgan to share her gift of the touchless orgasm on stage to demonstrate the power of energy. She brought several clients to full body orgasm.
On the last page, Jessica addresses shares her candid and unfiltered thoughts on the #MeToo movement, sexual abuse, and women’s responsibilities…

How do the Punany Poets address the #MeToo movement?
I want to start by saying, It is very interesting to me that the average family has a molesting uncle, that everyone knows is not trustworthy, and he is still invited to the family reunion. And he has never been to jail. It is also very interesting that R. Kelly still lays the cadence for wedding receptions when we all saw him urinate on a 15-year-old girl.
I personally feel that holding men accountable is only part of the solution. I feel strongly that it is the duty of women to teach women to be more aware and attuned with the heightened instincts we have for sensing danger. Women must exercise good judgment and begin to set boundaries when dealing with men. All men. Even if it is your pastor, your father or your husband. These boundaries can be communicated in many ways. I used to hear the old women say, “If you have to ask, you already know the answer.”

What we can never do, is leave it to a man to read our minds. “He should have known by the way I was squirming out of his arms.” Nope. “He’s a grown ass man, he should have known it was wrong.” Nope. “He should have known when I slapped his face.” Nope. Not even then. How often do we see movies, when a woman is all “no, no, no” – and then she is given to move forward with intimacy by a firm grasp and a deep kiss? Women also must begin to support and trust each other. The unspoken competition between women makes emotional manipulation too easy. Others open windows to molestation include the desire for attention, hormones, and proximity. Thus, we must make sure to pay attention to our children, letting them have time to speak and to share with you without judgment, and have ‘the talk’ as early as possible. By Proximity, I mean, women have to stop giving men access to our children. Moving men, you do not know into her house, and sleepovers are to be prepared for. For example: Sitting down at the table, with both child and boyfriend, and explaining to your child, in front of the boyfriend that there is to be no impropriety or there will be consequences, and “Do not give my child any gifts. If you want her to have something, give it to me and we will see about it.” But, sadly, a lot of women silence themselves, even when we sense something is wrong because we do not want to lose the man; because we have been taught that we need a man, or even because we have been taught to please others. By creating situations that put women and children in danger of being molested, we become complicit in the crime. Perhaps the most important thing is making sure that your child can talk to you about anything at all without fear of judgment. Otherwise, they will not tell you when something happens, or when they fear that it might. There is also guilt and shame to contend with. Your child must know that your love for them is stronger than guilt or shame. Young people and many adults who have experience abandonment are at particular risk of being manipulated and attacked. So, we must begin speaking to them of self-pride and that they have total rights over their own personal space.
I joke that chastity belts would be more effective than prison. Especially in cases were powerful men have been convicted. But, we are not living in medieval times. We are living in evil times, where the dollar defines opinions. And as long as so many men subscribe to the opinion that women will do and allow anything for money; that women can be bought and coerced into action, we will be subjected to their animalistic nature and most base behaviors toward us. Though we really need to look no further than the White House to see this, the recent episode of the Greg Gutfeld show, on the 69-year-old man trying to get his age legally changed to 45, both host and guests conquered that this old man only needed to get a fancy car and a gold watch to flash, and drive along Hollywood Blvd to find a woman. Proving celebrated sentiments like “no romance without finance” might make cool song lyrics, but there is a price to living your life by it.
What advice would you give a woman who has been sexually abused but still wants to enjoy sex with a loving partner?
The questions that come up inside of a woman after she is sexually traumatized can be an endless stream of questions about worthiness. In my experience with being a victim of all of it, molestation, rape, attempted gang rape and sexual harassment, the best thing is to get to know yourself very well. Even the things you do not like, and the things that scare you. Become friends with yourself. Say positive words to yourself every day in the mirror. Word s GOD. What you say, is so. Once you have turned off negative thoughts, learn your body, probably on your own, with hands and toys until you discover the awesome healing power of your clitoris, can bring you to enjoy sex.

I would just like to acknowledge, that sexual trauma can be a lifelong problem for some women. Some people remain victims in their minds for life. Some people heal emotionally right away and understand that what happened to them, does not become them. It is just something that happened and the emotional wounds heal naturally over time. Some women become promiscuous following a sexual assault, striving to gain control over their own sexuality. Still, others swear off sex or give up on men entirely. Some people are rescued from their personal hell by true love. My advice is to find a trusted counselor, and/or a method of finding inner peace. I still struggle with intimacy. Being raped and molested made me very guarded, and at times, quite aggressive. All of these reactions are normal. But the great thing about women is that we are resilient. We are hard-wired to handle pain and the heal from it.

Check to see when Jessica and the Punany Poets will be in your city.

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I have been producing live theatrical and comedy shows for a very long time. I am so glad that I will finally have a studio to create for the camera again.

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Ye Tribesman of America: Our Complicity in Modern Day Slavery & Indentured Servitude

Inner Views with Jessica Holter

After witnessing the anorexic performances by "Ye" (formerly Kanye West) on Saturday Night Live this weekend, I really got to thinking about some things, including his mental wellness. I am sure I am not the only person who sees a madness loitering about his eyes sometimes. (That needed to be said, though it is not the point of this blog.)  Rather, I wanted to examine this new slavery, his mad genius is drawing attention to and to encourage you to look through the blinding triggers of his poor choice of words so that you can see that we are all being made part of modern day slavery and indentured servitude, whether we know it, like it, or not.

Are you ready? OK, here we go.

In the event you do not know details of this situation, here is my Inner View of it. The award winning rapper went on a MAGA-hooded rant, in defense of Trump, just as the live, weekly show ended. What followed was a Twitter post of him accusing the cast of SNL of bullying him over the red cap, in a video captured by Comedian Chris Rock, who watched from the audience. In the next act of his manic episode, Ye added a call for the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution to be abolished. In subsequent tweets he has explained his meaning, pointing to the fact the the amendment only ended slavery for those Americans who are not convicted of a crime, essentially pouring the foundation for private industry and government to continue slavery through the penal system. Understood.

Say what you want about Trump, but that dude recognizes his tribesmen, and does not hesitate to taking advantage of all weaknesses, shortcomings, mental disorders, emotional fragility, vanity, greed, or thirstiness, to achieve his goals. Any movements against him that require any degree of political correctness or humanitarianism, are futile. Logic is lost. News is fake. And everything has a dollar value, or it is just a shithole. A place to shit in. And so, America the Great takes dumps in places they do not play well with us, and remains involved in crimes against humanity the World-over.  

Ye sayeth, "Make America Great... Again." We all want America to be Great. We love this country. So great is the promise of joy and prosperity in America, that people from all over the World, risk everything to come here. I certainly do not have a problem with the sentiment. It's the "Again" part that makes Ye's proud boast of the banner remind me that the word, "Again" tacked unnecessarily to the end of the famous political tagline, refers to a time that has passed. Again, means before these Black men were out of control, protesting and kneeling on football fields. Before a Black man could ever become rich and ungrateful. Again means, before a man like Ye could ever imagine talking to a president or marrying Kim Kardashian. Again means, when White men were kings of plantations... again like when desires of White men were all that mattered. Even when he desired Black men, sexually. 

The #BlackMan in America is part of a very small tribe of Humans, roughly 6 percent of the United States population. Yet, he sets the tone for entertainment: music, competitive sports, culture, language and fashion all over the World. The more you try to keep him down, the more powerful his influence. (Remember, it is the persecution of Jesus, that made him and his philosophies great.) Knowing this, one might think that educators and politicians of America, would see the benefits of preparing them to be very useful and helpful members of society, educated and indoctrinated to assure no sins against him would ever be avenged.  

But nope. It makes more sense to them to guarantee the average $80,000 a year Black Men are worth in American Dollars when they are in prison. Compounded by the products they generate for private industry and government agency, while they are incarcerated; men in prison are worth more as prisoners than they are as free men. So, Kanye is absolutely correct in his statements about prisons being another form of slavery or indentured servitude, but then, as he further explains his meaning, he suggests that the plan for making America Great includes the return of jobs to America. I can imagine how Trump made it sound to him. But to my ears this sounds like the jobs, if they are returned to America, will be worked by prisoners, a population that now includes immigrants, who are now being captured and imprisoned. 

Of course, I could be wrong. But when I look at the incarceration rate, and see the America is second to none and followed closely, only by China, in its prison population, I have to think there is something to this suspicion. 

You may look at this chart and think, how did this prison system get so huge? It is because we have all invested. Check your 401K investments, trace them back to their roots and you will probably find some link to the industrial prison complex, where prisoners net $500 Million (Dollars) a year, manufacturing common household products for international commerce. Sorry. 

Speaking of Sorry, #SorrytoBotherYou offers a comedic look at where we could be headed, with an option to check out of the rat race and choose a live of indentured servitude, where in all of your basic needs are met as you live in dormitories and work like a horse. Before Boots Riley (Shouts to another Oakland genius.) brought this up in his film, Boondocks creator and cartoonist Aaron McGruder gave a nod to the idea of a future for American slavery in an episode about Grandad losing his fortune.

With this push for jobs to return to America, companies are pouncing on cheap labor; as little as 23 cents an hour. So when you really think about it, the manhunt on the streets is literally like the wrestling of slaves back to the fields to pick cotton.

American prisoners make:

Military Gear
Police Gear
McDonald's Uniforms
Microsoft Packaging
Honda Car Parts
Victoria's Secret Lingerie
JC Penny Blue Jeans

Let us now examine the recent barrage of television programming pushing the idea of critical divide amongst classes. There is no shortages of cop shows and prison documentaries, keeping some watchers in fear, and some familiar. Also consider the slave-related shows and documentaries that have found new life. This includes Handmaid's Tale. So, ladies, I hope you are awake to this televised fantasy, where your vagina is only to be used for the good of the rich community. All over the country, all eyes are on sex offenders, pitting women against men, in a very major and effective way. Punishing women, after they have dragged men from pedostals to their shameful knees,will be easy.

So, here we are my beautiful Americans, looking at the man in the mirror, asking him if we are all complicit in this crime of masking slavery as legal duty. For, a simple Google search will reveal the magnitude of investment we have made into privately owned and managed prisons.

CoreCivic is the new name for Corrections Corporation of America. You can find out all about their investment program HERE.

Visit Jessica Holter online at

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bed of many orgasms - by Jessica Holter

she did not mean to be a cheater
it was a defensive move
to steer her clear of
the love she feared
her therapist told her

not sure what that meant
I was only here to get
the last of my things
things that remained
in her possession after
embarrassment broke me
out of her house
things like trust,
my dignity, self-respect
and my own ability
to engage my whole self
in affairs of romantic love

so, I was polite and pleasant
as I am these days
when I met her at the hotel
to pick up a suitcase
filled with the contents
of her junk drawer
still precious to me

after a few reviews
and pleasantries
I opened the Uber app
and that is when it happened

with her head in my lap
a simple submissive gesture
posturing her in a way
she had been many times
over many years
she set me free

like a flood of goddess grace
pride and all her handmaids
gathered all about me
challenged all my doubt
about her affections for me
and perhaps, very briefly
raised my temperature a few degrees
and made me think unclearly

then the thought of the woman
she now had at home
laying in my wet spot
in my bed of many orgasms
drifted into the room
reminding me
I was her once
laying in that wet spot
in a bed of many orgasms
but I had already
washed those sheets

Jessica Holter
#Poem #VerbalPenetration2 #TheVault