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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Ye Tribesman of America: Our Complicity in Modern Day Slavery & Indentured Servitude

Inner Views with Jessica Holter

After witnessing the anorexic performances by "Ye" (formerly Kanye West) on Saturday Night Live this weekend, I really got to thinking about some things, including his mental wellness. I am sure I am not the only person who sees a madness loitering about his eyes sometimes. (That needed to be said, though it is not the point of this blog.)  Rather, I wanted to examine this new slavery, his mad genius is drawing attention to and to encourage you to look through the blinding triggers of his poor choice of words so that you can see that we are all being made part of modern day slavery and indentured servitude, whether we know it, like it, or not.

Are you ready? OK, here we go.

In the event you do not know details of this situation, here is my Inner View of it. The award winning rapper went on a MAGA-hooded rant, in defense of Trump, just as the live, weekly show ended. What followed was a Twitter post of him accusing the cast of SNL of bullying him over the red cap, in a video captured by Comedian Chris Rock, who watched from the audience. In the next act of his manic episode, Ye added a call for the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution to be abolished. In subsequent tweets he has explained his meaning, pointing to the fact the the amendment only ended slavery for those Americans who are not convicted of a crime, essentially pouring the foundation for private industry and government to continue slavery through the penal system. Understood.

Say what you want about Trump, but that dude recognizes his tribesmen, and does not hesitate to taking advantage of all weaknesses, shortcomings, mental disorders, emotional fragility, vanity, greed, or thirstiness, to achieve his goals. Any movements against him that require any degree of political correctness or humanitarianism, are futile. Logic is lost. News is fake. And everything has a dollar value, or it is just a shithole. A place to shit in. And so, America the Great takes dumps in places they do not play well with us, and remains involved in crimes against humanity the World-over.  

Ye sayeth, "Make America Great... Again." We all want America to be Great. We love this country. So great is the promise of joy and prosperity in America, that people from all over the World, risk everything to come here. I certainly do not have a problem with the sentiment. It's the "Again" part that makes Ye's proud boast of the banner remind me that the word, "Again" tacked unnecessarily to the end of the famous political tagline, refers to a time that has passed. Again, means before these Black men were out of control, protesting and kneeling on football fields. Before a Black man could ever become rich and ungrateful. Again means, before a man like Ye could ever imagine talking to a president or marrying Kim Kardashian. Again means, when White men were kings of plantations... again like when desires of White men were all that mattered. Even when he desired Black men, sexually. 

The #BlackMan in America is part of a very small tribe of Humans, roughly 6 percent of the United States population. Yet, he sets the tone for entertainment: music, competitive sports, culture, language and fashion all over the World. The more you try to keep him down, the more powerful his influence. (Remember, it is the persecution of Jesus, that made him and his philosophies great.) Knowing this, one might think that educators and politicians of America, would see the benefits of preparing them to be very useful and helpful members of society, educated and indoctrinated to assure no sins against him would ever be avenged.  

But nope. It makes more sense to them to guarantee the average $80,000 a year Black Men are worth in American Dollars when they are in prison. Compounded by the products they generate for private industry and government agency, while they are incarcerated; men in prison are worth more as prisoners than they are as free men. So, Kanye is absolutely correct in his statements about prisons being another form of slavery or indentured servitude, but then, as he further explains his meaning, he suggests that the plan for making America Great includes the return of jobs to America. I can imagine how Trump made it sound to him. But to my ears this sounds like the jobs, if they are returned to America, will be worked by prisoners, a population that now includes immigrants, who are now being captured and imprisoned. 

Of course, I could be wrong. But when I look at the incarceration rate, and see the America is second to none and followed closely, only by China, in its prison population, I have to think there is something to this suspicion. 

You may look at this chart and think, how did this prison system get so huge? It is because we have all invested. Check your 401K investments, trace them back to their roots and you will probably find some link to the industrial prison complex, where prisoners net $500 Million (Dollars) a year, manufacturing common household products for international commerce. Sorry. 

Speaking of Sorry, #SorrytoBotherYou offers a comedic look at where we could be headed, with an option to check out of the rat race and choose a live of indentured servitude, where in all of your basic needs are met as you live in dormitories and work like a horse. Before Boots Riley (Shouts to another Oakland genius.) brought this up in his film, Boondocks creator and cartoonist Aaron McGruder gave a nod to the idea of a future for American slavery in an episode about Grandad losing his fortune.

With this push for jobs to return to America, companies are pouncing on cheap labor; as little as 23 cents an hour. So when you really think about it, the manhunt on the streets is literally like the wrestling of slaves back to the fields to pick cotton.

American prisoners make:

Military Gear
Police Gear
McDonald's Uniforms
Microsoft Packaging
Honda Car Parts
Victoria's Secret Lingerie
JC Penny Blue Jeans

Let us now examine the recent barrage of television programming pushing the idea of critical divide amongst classes. There is no shortages of cop shows and prison documentaries, keeping some watchers in fear, and some familiar. Also consider the slave-related shows and documentaries that have found new life. This includes Handmaid's Tale. So, ladies, I hope you are awake to this televised fantasy, where your vagina is only to be used for the good of the rich community. All over the country, all eyes are on sex offenders, pitting women against men, in a very major and effective way. Punishing women, after they have dragged men from pedostals to their shameful knees,will be easy.

So, here we are my beautiful Americans, looking at the man in the mirror, asking him if we are all complicit in this crime of masking slavery as legal duty. For, a simple Google search will reveal the magnitude of investment we have made into privately owned and managed prisons.

CoreCivic is the new name for Corrections Corporation of America. You can find out all about their investment program HERE.

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