Wednesday, July 13, 2016

bed of many orgasms - by Jessica Holter

she did not mean to be a cheater
it was a defensive move
to steer her clear of
the love she feared
her therapist told her

not sure what that meant
I was only here to get
the last of my things
things that remained
in her possession after
embarrassment broke me
out of her house
things like trust,
my dignity, self-respect
and my own ability
to engage my whole self
in affairs of romantic love

so, I was polite and pleasant
as I am these days
when I met her at the hotel
to pick up a suitcase
filled with the contents
of her junk drawer
still precious to me

after a few reviews
and pleasantries
I opened the Uber app
and that is when it happened

with her head in my lap
a simple submissive gesture
posturing her in a way
she had been many times
over many years
she set me free

like a flood of goddess grace
pride and all her handmaids
gathered all about me
challenged all my doubt
about her affections for me
and perhaps, very briefly
raised my temperature a few degrees
and made me think unclearly

then the thought of the woman
she now had at home
laying in my wet spot
in my bed of many orgasms
drifted into the room
reminding me
I was her once
laying in that wet spot
in a bed of many orgasms
but I had already
washed those sheets

Jessica Holter
#Poem #VerbalPenetration2 #TheVault

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